Inert Gas System

What are the Benefits of the Inert Gas System

Though limited to only a few cases, explosion as a result of oil cargo mixing with oxygen still pose threat to most marine travelers. Oil cargo is a mixture of different grades of oil capable of producing flammable gases or vapors during the loading process. Unfortunately, these gases can be produced without any cargo on board.

For safety purposes, marine community highly recommends elaborate inert gas system for oil cargo. Whether as flue gas created by the ship boiler or inert gas plant, the role of inert gas systems in controlling explosion can never be underestimated.

The inert gas in the gas system by GIA contains less than 8% of oxygen which greatly lowers combustion of hydrocarbon. The gas spreads on the hydrocarbon mixture in the oil cargo decreasing higher explosion limit while simultaneously reducing the higher explosion limit. The process stops when the concentration is 10%, as the atmosphere created is not ideal for the combustion of hydrocarbons. The concentration of the inert gas is always maintained at 5% for safety purposes.

The major benefits of the inert gas system are:


More than 25% inert gas systems contain automatic turn down features. After producing the required volumes of the inert gas, most systems tend to automatically shut down thus cutting down the fuel consumption costs.

Full PLC Control

This is a logical system which ensures there is proper and flawless ignition sequencing. Apart from increasing the system stability, PLC logic control ensure that only high quality soot-free gas is produced.

No Oil Spills via the Scrubber Drain

The layout of the horizontal and lowered combustion chambers prevents oil leakages through the SW drain line in the event of fires or from the fuel nozzle when the cargo is stationery.

Modern Operator Screen for Feedback

Close monitoring of the inert gas system has been made possible by the LCD screens. Necessary parameters such as temperature, valve position, and pressure can now be easily analyzed from the screen.

Wall Decor Singapore

Best Wall Decor

Wall decor may be defined as a collection of any piece of art work applied directly or painted directly on a ceiling, wall or any other large surface. It can be constructed in various permanent constructions which are upright that have a length that is much greater than its present continuous surface and thickness except where pierced by windows and doors. When painted can be distinguished in that its architectural elements of its given space are mainly harmonized in an incorporate way into the picture image. Most wall decors in singapore are paintings are usually painted in large canvases that are then put or attached on the wall.

There are many ways in which a person can use to decide on how to find the best wall decor for his personal use. When looking for the wall decor from Artify Shop, there are some of the qualities and features you would look for.

A simple mixture of photographs, paintings and sculpture may be very important here. You should consider which medium best suites you and where your tastes lie before you wall decor is begun. The main goal here is to pinpoint the pieces which have meaningful value to you instead of choosing a décor that will fill up the space in the wall.

You should determine how much space is availably free and ensure you search for the pieces that fit the size. A thumb rule should have the wall decor to fill two thirds to three quarters of the wall.

It should be of high quality work job done and very clear for easy viewing. It should be very appealing to the eye and cause a centre of attraction.

In conclusion wall decors are one of the most used gallery tools in modern homes that bring out an exemplary and beauty of the place or home.

Corporate Gifts Suppliers

Factors to Consider When Choosing Corporate Gifts Suppliers

A corporate gift is anything given as gratitude for business objective accomplished or as part of the business to business promotion. Companies use corporate gifts as a way of strengthening relationships with its employees and customers, promoting the company’s business, cultivating new relationships and creating goodwill. The awards are categorized into three based on the purpose of the gift and the value of the item. These are giveaways gifts that are low-value, less-personal, and high-volume items used mainly to promote the company’s name. Standard gifts are suitable for most gift-giving occasions and achieve a higher value and presented in a more personal style compared to giveaways. Lastly, luxury gifts are low volume, high-value items that address an individual and are prestigious and of strong brands. Therefore, it is important that companies choose their corporate gifts suppliers well.


Companies should consider the client satisfaction as this is the most efficient marketing strategy. They should look at the past and the current customers who have bought from the supplier as they will be able to reveal the quality of service they received. A good supplier like should make deliveries on time and satisfy the client’s needs. They also provide a variety of products to choose from by displaying their creativity and innovation and should offer quality products that are of a high standard to match the brand on promotion. A good supplier should have a well-trained and skilled personnel to enhance best results. Furthermore, a supplier should have an extensive network of clients where many customers mean a better quality of products.


Sending corporate gifts to employees, customers, and other stakeholders is essential for growth and achievement of company objectives. The gifts are usually customized with company logo, thus serving as a market communication tool. The primary factor to consider in choosing corporate gift supplier is the purpose of the gift as a way of enhancing the relationship of the recipient to the company. Basically, a good gift should supplement other marketing tools such as advertising, public relations and personal selling.

The Role and Importance of a Tax Accountant

A tax accountant is a vital service that all companies need to employ. Tax accountants help to prepare a company for yearly tax time. They help the organization to compile all the tax receipts that it accumulated over the year, although this system should already be in place since the inception of the company.

The accountant will organize these receipts and input them into the appropriate categories. These categories are tallied and the finances for tax purposes are recorded. The way that the tax accountant files the tax services is determined by companies that have different tax bureaus and varied regulations.

A good tax accountant in Singapore will do this job thoroughly, and actually get the company maximum returns that they are entitled to based on their company spending and organizational status (for profit, non profit, charity, etc.). This accountant will ensure that tax services is up to date with the latest tax laws and deductions in order that the company does not miss out on new allowances that are set out by the government.

In contrast, lazy tax accountants do not bother to inquire about these matters and just get the job done quickly. They may operate on a per tax return payment plan, so they endeavor to make the return as hasty as possible. While this negligence in not criminal, the accountant really isn’t trying at all to educate companies about deductibles in order to plan for the next financial quarter. And if certain charitable contributions are not documented by the company, then the company can lose out on applying that money towards their taxes due.

It is overall important for the company to hire a good tax accountant because other people doing the taxes might not know how to get returns for the company. This type of specialized accounting is best left to a tax accountant, and it should be a good one at that.

The Differences Between Search Engine Marketing And SEO

Search engine marketing, or SEM for short is different from SEO. The term was once used as a blanket term to describe SEM and SEO practices. The verbiage has changed, and SEM is now used to describe paid marketing tactics.

SEM is a method of marketing a business online through paid advertisements. Businesses purchase advertisement space, so their site can be featured in a search engines results page. Advertisers place bids for keywords that users of search engines, such as Bing or Google, would type into a search bar when performing a search query.

The keywords that an advertiser bids on will complement the niche or targeted traffic for their website. By winning the bid on a specific keyword, an advertiser will gain the opportunity of having their ads appear along search queries related to their niche. This marketing tactic is designed to increase website traffic to the advertised site.

Types Of Paid Ads Available

These coveted paid ads, also known as pay-per-click or PPC, are available in different formats. Some of the ads are small, and feature a few rows of text, while others may be large and visual. Product listing ads enable users to see important information about an advertised site at a glance. Giving them just enough information to decide if they would like to visit the site.

PPC campaigns work just like they sound. Anytime that a user clicks on a paid advertisement, the website owner paying for this service will be charged a fee. The fee is charged, regardless if the user who clicked on the site makes a purchase or not. The amount to be paid for this service differs based on the search engine that a user is marketing on.

When To Use Search Engine Marketing?

SEO and SEM are great ways to drive traffic to a website. SEO is an unpaid marketing method that drives organic traffic to a site. SEM involves paying for advertisement space, to drive targeted customers to a site. Both tactics are effective for marketing a website. SEM should be used by businesses that want to increase their online visibility quickly.

Search in 2017

People with websites would like to have them ranked up hence in order to achieve this it’s important to use SEO.Search engine optimization is the process by which different techniques are used to ensure a bigger number of visitors visit a given website thats makes it being ranked high in the search results page. SEO is changing each time due to new customer expectations and usage and SEO company Singapore have to manage with the change in algorithms according to it. Below are the things to look out for


Search engines understand your site easily by using schemas hence display it well.Lately google likes to interpret results that are easier to display for users to use. RankBrain and artificial intelligence are among the 2017 trends that are used as learning machines that are very important.

Hybridization and breaking down barriers

Digital market has become very popular and very high in demand .In order to reach out to clients it’s important for marketers to carry out hybrid campaigns and professionals to be ready for changes.

Changes on the SERPS

The number of characters has been increased in titles and content description.This trend has not been put in all websites and is not known to be permanent hence making it difficult for marketers. It’s then important to use keywords on the title and description and expand description.

Mobile and speed

The AMP project that was introduced by google made speed important in mobile phones.Less speed results in a reduction in conversions.By use of AMP results improvement in loading speed.Mobile has seen a development in micro moments.

SEM alignment and intent signals

Commercial intent searches show a higher number of advertisements than other searches at the top of the page. Paid search teams should know what content is high ranked for buying terms and a content strategy and planning to create websites that match to what users are looking for.Hence its good to look for information that is attractive to customers.

SEO is updated each time in order to suite what customers are looking for.Hence it is important to keep updated. There are many more suggestions you can look out for.


Flower Delivery

Finding Flower delivery companies in Singapore

Flowers often mean different things to many of us. If you’re in Singapore, sending a bunch of flowers to someone could have these meanings: a sign of congratulations or appreciation to friends, family, or even your loved one. Flowers can be also used when expressing an apology or condolences. It does not matter whatever you’re trying to convey when sending flowers, sending them in an organized manner is what can cause or not cause effect to your message. You need to send the flowers in an attractive and organized way to show how strong your message is. This is where flower delivery Singapore companies come in.

There are quite a number of Florist companies which can ensure your gratitude or sympathy is well presented through the gesture of flowers. however, you always need to know how to find for the right Flower delivery company in Singapore that will ensure what you want to express through flowers is well taken care of with the seriousness it deserves.

The perfect way to find for a company with Flower Delivery services in Singapore is definitely through the internet. Search engines can assist you to search for the top ranked flower delivery companies when you are in Singapore. Through technology, people are now able to find online and physical businesses by just few clicks on their smart phones and laptops. Once you get the company’s page, ensure to have their contact details with you so as to reach them without having to visiting their website again.

The second effective of look for flower delivery companies in Singapore is from referrals or recommendations. Your friend or colleague may had perused ordered some flower delivery services some time ago past and may be of help to know how the service was. If he or she had a satisfactory experience with the company, they need to recommend you to that particular company so as to enjoy the same services. Recommendations are given by someone you can trust and who is not biased.

After acquiring a list of top flower delivery companies from your finding, you need to be able to distinguish them by using their information to your advantage. Compare their prices, their services such as a day delivery, their bonus, how close they are to you, if they have offers and get to find out which suits you best.

reason why cheapest move

Reasons Why Cheapest Movers Are Good and Viable in Some Cases

When you use a cheap mover, you take out the stress and hassle of moving. Just like other standard removalists, cheapest movers can carry out experienced and professional house moving since they also have the right equipment at their disposal. The good thing with cheap movers is that they can perform every task efficiently low price. Therefore, you will need to choose the most affordable, quick, and convenient movers with a variety of services. Most cheap movers offer a range of services from office to house relocation. Here are some of the reasons why hiring cheapest movers are good and viable in some cases.

  • Good for local move

Most cheap movers are equipped and can handle local moves of different size. They are ideal in that they can customize their services so that they can fit your needs. They relocate condominiums, apartments, homes, and even offices. Also, they help in re-arranging furniture in your different rooms. With a cheap mover, you get a convenient and affordable options for a hassle-free experience.

  • Expert services

Cheapest movers understand unique moves and are experts in orienting their services to tackle every moving challenge. As such, they are in some cases a viable solution when moving to or from a condominium or a high rise apartment and are dedicated to making the relocation successful so that they create good grounds for them to grow their business.

  • Careful

Cheapest movers are likely to take care of your property and resolve damage issues in the most convenient way if you choose someone with good reviews. Most of them are dedicated to providing quality services and strive to be reputable as they don’t like getting a bad review or losing business. Most of them operate under a complimentary moving insurance. Thus your assets remain protected. Cheap movers are beneficial to the moving process since most of them show the care you expect from professional movers.

  • Free quotes

Cheap movers offer low moving cost and still keep the relocation services at a high-quality level. Some have long years of experience in the moving industry thus effective and skillful. Since they are skillful and effective, they keep their prices low. They give a free cost estimate and leave you to decide if the moving quote is in the confines of your budget.

Overrunning the Tamil Tigers

Sri Lanka, known in British colonial times as Ceylon, is a tear-drop shaped, picturesque island south of India’s Tamil Nadu province.  Home to 21 million people, Sri Lanka is made up of a Buddhist Sinhalese majority in the south and central parts of the island.  The Hindu Tamil population resides primarily in the north and eastern regions.  Since 1983, the island has been the scene of horrific violence stemming from its population’s ethnic and religious differences.  For over a quarter of a century, that violence has taken the form of terrorism attacks and guerrilla warfare—and has resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of combatants and innocent victims alike.

As a young man in the service of his country, I served in Sri Lanka in the 1980’s, at a time when 80,000 members of the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) roared into the north and eastern portions of the island.  They arrived with the objective of enforcing a peace agreement between the Sri Lankan Government and a group known as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).  The peace agreement had been brokered by Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.  Some years later, a young Sri Lankan woman would meet Gandhi, place a garland of flowers around his neck, and detonate a suicide belt wrapped around her body.  The women—known as a Black Tiger—was an anointed suicide attacker for the LTTE.

The LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers, have been led these many years by the dictatorial Velupillai Prabhakaran.  Under his leadership, the Tigers eliminated or absorbed six other Tamil militant groups by force early in the group’s history. Considered revolutionary in terrorist strategy, Prabhakaran employed every means of explosive delivery to include bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats and hang gliders.  In the late 1980’s, he sent a squad of suicide fighters into Sri Lanka’s Katanayke International Airport with rocket propelled grenades (RPG’s) and destroyed the entire fleet of Air Lanka commercial aircraft as they sat astride the main terminal.  Despite all of this—or perhaps because of it—Prabhakaran has enjoyed a measure of celebrity status and gained the attention of the international community.  Numerous governments including those of Norway, Finland and the United Kingdom have tried honestly and earnestly to broker peace.  But peace, like Prabhakaran himself, has remained elusive.

In reviewing the LTTE’s ruthlessness, it is worth making a brief aside.  American politicians talk tough about fighting terror but few encounter personal risk in this regard.  By contrast, a generation of Sri Lankan political leaders, and many others for that matter, have sacrificed their lives while confronting Tamil Tigers terror: Lalith Athulathmudulai, Ranasinghe Premadasa, and Gamini Dissanayake to name a few.  Of this group, Athulathmudulai was my favorite.  He was the first non-British President of the Oxford Student Union in the United Kingdom.  He also served as the National Security Advisor for Sri Lankan President J.R. Jaywardena.  Athulathmudulai spoke the King’s English confidently and was a young South Asian version of Winston Churchill.  He understood the nature of his adversary— Prabakaran—and knew that though diplomacy is always preferable, there are those with whom one cannot negotiate.

Today, it appears the Sri Lankan military has finally overrun the Tamil Tigers on the Jaffna Peninsula and sent the greatly advertised, steel-willed Prabhakaran into the jungle or in flight out of the country.  Some speculate the mass-murdering Prabhakaran has fled to Malaysia or South Africa in order to blend into large South Asian communities in those countries.  As the Sri Lankan military zones in on remaining LTTE forces, the removal of Prabakaran, if only temporarily, provides an opportunity to advance a needed dialogue between the Sinhalese majority and the Tamil minority.  British Member of Parliament Liam Fox, the United Kingdom’s Conservative Party’s Shadow Defense Minister, is the most recent of negotiators involved in the conflict and needs to return to the troubled island quickly.  M.P. Fox, a former military doctor, is well versed in the complex history of Sri Lanka, knows all the players intimately and is respected internationally.

Any viable plan to establish sustainable peace in Sri Lanka must include support to the Tamil populations of the North who have suffered tragically under Prabhakaran’s rule.  The plan must also include provisions that allow for a level of autonomy for the Tamil people, guaranteeing the protection of their cultural and religious traditions.   If we have learned anything in recent years, it is that timing matters.  The provision of aid and establishment of security for a beleaguered population must come sooner rather than later.  This will make all the difference in terms of reestablishing order and prosperity.  And it may ensure a new generation of Tamil Tigers does not emerge.

Google Display Network Helps Ads Get Noticed

Google Adworks is divided into two categories- the Search Network and the Display Network. In the search network, a company will pay to have their ad come up when someone searches a certain set of keywords. This advertisement will come up with all the other search results, but it will say that it is sponsored, indicating that the company paid for their url to come up with the other search results. The Display Network is different in that the company is paying for their advertisement to come up on the display section of a website. Google Adworks is great for businesses that want to get their name out there because Google has access to a huge network of websites. These websites all want to have advertisements on their site because the website gets paid if people click on the advertisement while on that website. In fact, the sites will often court advertisers, but Google Adworks might not add an advertisment to a site if it does not have a large enough following. In this way, there are checks and balances in the system in that the advertiser is paying to appear on sites that people actually visit, not ones that simply have a url.

The Google Display Network can be reached at 1-877-908-4179 from 9am – 9pm ET on a Monday to Friday basis. The Adworks team offers free set up for those patrons that are willing to spend 10 dollars a day or more. On the Google Display Network website, there is a video that gives in depth information on how the company can start making ads and how Google Adworks distributes those advertisements across their network ( The company can pick how they want their advertisements displayed on the websites from a wide variety of options. It makes sense that the people who are leaders in search engines can distribute ads in effective ways online.