A New Phone, A Happy Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to get a new phone. There’s so many new models of android and iphone mobile phones out there. Some of the new phones are met with great reception from users, and some have had massive recalls.

One great brand is Samsung. Samsung has always been synonymous with quality. Their line up has been consistently strong. The Galaxy 5 is a solid choice. There are many cases that fit well with it, including Kate Spade designer ones. It has all the capabilities to download apps quickly through Google play. The sound quality is also quite clear. Samsung has had some unfortunate setbacks with its Note 7 line, and has had to call back this model. Always be careful when using cell phones not to rest them on the bed at nighttime to prevent burns to the body and fires.

The iphone is always popular. It might be advisable to get an older model of the iphone, as the iphone 7’s are also not getting good consumer reviews. The technology seems to be growing so fast, but not fast enough to justify these continual upgrades.

Another player is the hTC. This is a Canadian android that has had excellent reviews. Before Dr. Dre sold out his Beat speakers, he put them in a special edition of the hTC One.

One of the main issues with a brand new phone is the price. It will cost $800 wholesale. That is fine if a person is saving big on a phone plan and only has to pay $300 up front. However, it might be better to get an unrefurbished older phone than go through the hastle of testing out the newest line.

There are often sales on phones before Christmas, and so check out what a phone company has to offer in terms of selection and affordability.