Beauty of Projection Mapping

In today’s world, a word can be used to define more than one statement in different perspectives. Mappings can be defined to as an operation which associates itself with different elements in a given set of domains that have more than one or one element of a range or a second set. Projection on the other hand can either be defined to as a forecast or an estimated prediction of a future trend or situation that is based on studying something presently or a short or long presentation of different images in a surface especially seen in a movie screen according to

When combined projection mapping which can also be referred to as video mapping is defined as projections technology which is mainly used to convert and turn objects that are often irregularly shaped into a certain surface display for a video being produced. Many of these objects can be the very complex landscapes that are industrials such as stages, buildings, and small indoor objects. Project mapping is enhanced by the use of a specialized software program and a 2 or 3 dimensional object that is mapped spatially in the virtual program. The program will mimic the real environment that is to be projected on.

The program software has special features such as it can interact with the projector to fit any image desired in the specific surface of the object that is intended by you. This technique is mainly used by different advertisers and artists since they can add new optical illusions, extra dimensions and movement notions in bits into previous objects that are static. Here the video will either be combined or triggered with an audio thus creating a narrative audio visual.

In conclusion project mapping has helped enhance the growth of entertainment industry and has promoted the growth of young talent in vary many ways as it is mainly the youth that are very much interested with doing such things like project mapping or video mapping.