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Wall decor may be defined as a collection of any piece of art work applied directly or painted directly on a ceiling, wall or any other large surface. It can be constructed in various permanent constructions which are upright that have a length that is much greater than its present continuous surface and thickness except where pierced by windows and doors. When painted can be distinguished in that its architectural elements of its given space are mainly harmonized in an incorporate way into the picture image. Most wall decors in singapore are paintings are usually painted in large canvases that are then put or attached on the wall.

There are many ways in which a person can use to decide on how to find the best wall decor for his personal use. When looking for the wall decor from Artify Shop, there are some of the qualities and features you would look for.

A simple mixture of photographs, paintings and sculpture may be very important here. You should consider which medium best suites you and where your tastes lie before you wall decor is begun. The main goal here is to pinpoint the pieces which have meaningful value to you instead of choosing a décor that will fill up the space in the wall.

You should determine how much space is availably free and ensure you search for the pieces that fit the size. A thumb rule should have the wall decor to fill two thirds to three quarters of the wall.

It should be of high quality work job done and very clear for easy viewing. It should be very appealing to the eye and cause a centre of attraction.

In conclusion wall decors are one of the most used gallery tools in modern homes that bring out an exemplary and beauty of the place or home.