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Beauty of Projection Mapping

In today’s world, a word can be used to define more than one statement in different perspectives. Mappings can be defined to as an operation which associates itself with different elements in a given set of domains that have more than one or one element of a range or a second set. Projection on the

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Wall Decor Singapore

Best Wall Decor

Wall decor may be defined as a collection of any piece of art work applied directly or painted directly on a ceiling, wall or any other large surface. It can be constructed in various permanent constructions which are upright that have a length that is much greater than its present continuous surface and thickness except

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Overrunning the Tamil Tigers

Sri Lanka, known in British colonial times as Ceylon, is a tear-drop shaped, picturesque island south of India’s Tamil Nadu province.  Home to 21 million people, Sri Lanka is made up of a Buddhist Sinhalese majority in the south and central parts of the island.  The Hindu Tamil population resides primarily in the north and

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A World Of Differences

I have had the fortune of having lived, traveled and worked on all of the world’s continents with the exception of Antarctica. I have found that wherever there are differences between peoples—be these differences racial, religious, cultural or political in nature—there is always tension and sometimes open conflict. Some of those conflicts are horrific in

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