Google Display Network Helps Ads Get Noticed

Google Adworks is divided into two categories- the Search Network and the Display Network. In the search network, a company will pay to have their ad come up when someone searches a certain set of keywords. This advertisement will come up with all the other search results, but it will say that it is sponsored, indicating that the company paid for their url to come up with the other search results. The Display Network is different in that the company is paying for their advertisement to come up on the display section of a website. Google Adworks is great for businesses that want to get their name out there because Google has access to a huge network of websites. These websites all want to have advertisements on their site because the website gets paid if people click on the advertisement while on that website. In fact, the sites will often court advertisers, but Google Adworks might not add an advertisment to a site if it does not have a large enough following. In this way, there are checks and balances in the system in that the advertiser is paying to appear on sites that people actually visit, not ones that simply have a url.

The Google Display Network can be reached at 1-877-908-4179 from 9am – 9pm ET on a Monday to Friday basis. The Adworks team offers free set up for those patrons that are willing to spend 10 dollars a day or more. On the Google Display Network website, there is a video that gives in depth information on how the company can start making ads and how Google Adworks distributes those advertisements across their network ( The company can pick how they want their advertisements displayed on the websites from a wide variety of options. It makes sense that the people who are leaders in search engines can distribute ads in effective ways online.