Search in 2017

People with websites would like to have them ranked up hence in order to achieve this it’s important to use SEO.Search engine optimization is the process by which different techniques are used to ensure a bigger number of visitors visit a given website thats makes it being ranked high in the search results page. SEO is changing each time due to new customer expectations and usage and SEO company Singapore have to manage with the change in algorithms according to it. Below are the things to look out for


Search engines understand your site easily by using schemas hence display it well.Lately google likes to interpret results that are easier to display for users to use. RankBrain and artificial intelligence are among the 2017 trends that are used as learning machines that are very important.

Hybridization and breaking down barriers

Digital market has become very popular and very high in demand .In order to reach out to clients it’s important for marketers to carry out hybrid campaigns and professionals to be ready for changes.

Changes on the SERPS

The number of characters has been increased in titles and content description.This trend has not been put in all websites and is not known to be permanent hence making it difficult for marketers. It’s then important to use keywords on the title and description and expand description.

Mobile and speed

The AMP project that was introduced by google made speed important in mobile phones.Less speed results in a reduction in conversions.By use of AMP results improvement in loading speed.Mobile has seen a development in micro moments.

SEM alignment and intent signals

Commercial intent searches show a higher number of advertisements than other searches at the top of the page. Paid search teams should know what content is high ranked for buying terms and a content strategy and planning to create websites that match to what users are looking for.Hence its good to look for information that is attractive to customers.

SEO is updated each time in order to suite what customers are looking for.Hence it is important to keep updated. There are many more suggestions you can look out for.